The Bristol’s Green Team


The Bristol’s Green Team

Sustainability has been high on our corporate agenda since 2013. We established a Green Team to drive our sustainability goals through investment projects and behavioural change engagement activities. To measure the success we joined Green Tourism and Go Green. The green team is represented by a member from each department with senior Manager and team members involvement, the HR Manager chairs the committee. The team have been responsible for researching and implementing best practices in our pillars of sustainability. The team have driven behaviour change and implemented incentives to engage the staff and guests in sustainable actions, working in partnership with our supply chain, driven our LED project, attending green workshops, communicated our green actions to our guests as well as being responsible for working through our green tourism action plan to help us secure a Silver GTBS award; 4% short of being awarded gold on our very first audit.

Based on the GTBS criteria, we have agreed 10 pillars of sustainability on our Green Agenda.
1. Management of Best Practise and commitment
2. Marketing and Communication
3. Corporate Social Responsibility and community projects
4. Energy efficiency and conservation
5. Water usage and conservation
6. Procurement and the supply chain
7. Waste Management, reduce, re-use, recycle
8. Travel and transport
9. Nature and Culture
10. Employee Wellbeing

We have significantly invested, including replacing the oil boilers to gas and replacing the lifts, which now operate on 8kw. In a typical lift, the excess energy that’s generated as the lifts operate is lost as heat however, with our new Otis Regen lifts any excess energy is fed back into the Hotel’s internal electrical grid.

In every element of the hotel’s operation we consider the environmental impact and have measured that to offset the carbon produced we would need to place 54 acres of trees, ‘9 Queen Squares’, therefore reducing CO2 emissions is a vital part of our Green actions.

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