Mark Payne Cycles from Bristol to Paris


Mark Payne Cycles from Bristol to Paris

Mark Payne, The Bristol’s General Manager, cycled 430km over four days for the charity Above and Beyond, raising funds to encourage healing at the Bristol’s Children Hospital.

The Route
Day 1 – Bristol to Salisbury
Day 2 – Salisbury to Portsmouth (overnight ferry to Caen)
Day 3 – Caen to Evreux (longest day with 90 miles)
Day 4 – Evreux to Paris

Mark Payne raised over £1800!! The team at The Bristol did a great job in supporting him with sponsorships and started the fund raising with a raffle at the team Christmas party and raised £700 in one night.

The team were great supporters to Mark. The cyclists set off on the first day from the children’s hospital and cycled past the hotel on route out of the city and there was 40 team members cheering Mark and the others on as the cycled past. We even had the morning meeting outside so we could give Mark the best start to the challenge ahead J

Also throughout the 4 days the team sent photos and videos to Mark wishing him luck and best wishes and lots of encouragement.

Hopefully, next year we can put a team together for another charity bike ride.

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